Tiny Timber Homes

Ithaca, NY 

Tiny Timber Homes is an affordable housing alternative using sustainable building materials and methods to create homes that provide a truly natural alternative to the more conventionally-built houses of today. What began as a collaboration between Noah Demarest and Buzz Dolph that attempted to refine the post-and-beam prototypes that Buzz built in 2016 has since expanded into the construction of many Tiny Timber Homes across Tompkins County and beyond. These homes, ranging in size from 500 sf to 1,100 sf, are minimal footprint, energy-efficient, and built from locally-sourced lumber.

For more information please visit the Tiny Timber Website

  • CLIENT: Buzz and Nancy Dolph

  • DATE: 2016

  • SIZE: 500 - 1,100 sf

  • SERVICES: Architectural